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30-Night Tryout 

Some people adjust to a new pillow faster than others. We want to be sure you have the time to get your best night’s sleep, sleep smart and live well, night after night and every night. So try sleeping on your new pillow for several nights. Make adjustments to the height if you think it is too tall, or your neck needs more or less support.

How it works:

  • Buy a NightCare No-Snore Pillow from us.
  • We’ll ship your pillow to you and you sleep on it for 30 nights to get used to the amazing comfort, support, and snore relief it offers.
  • If you’re not happy in the first 30 days after your purchase, contact us by email. You can contact us earlier if you don’t think it is working or don’t like how it feels. Our Customer Service staff will work with you to answer your questions and resolve your concerns.

Why do we offer a tryout period?

People respond differently to a new pillow. And our No-Snore pillow is different from any pillow you have slept on. And it doesn’t work for everyone. Most people love their new NightCare No-Snore Pillow, and if they sleep with someone, that special someone loves it even more. But if you don’t like it right away, and it takes a little time to get used to it, we want to make absolutely certain you are happy with the pillow and are getting all of the benefits of a smart night’s sleep. After years of sleeping on a regular pillow, or not sleeping, you may need time to adjust to the better support and alignment of a NightCare No-Snore Pillow. We know that most people love sleeping on our pillows. And we want to make sure you’re one of them.

The fine print—30 night tryout details.

  • Our 30 night tryout is exclusive to NightCare, and covers pillows purchased direct from us, on our website or by phone.
  • Return shipping fees may apply if you took advantage of a free shipping offer. Shipping fees are based on where you are shipping the pillow from, weight, and generally range from $20-$30.

Returns & Delivery

We’re passionate about delivering your smartest and best night’s sleep. That’s why we’re dedicated to producing quality products—through premium materials, attention to detail, and fine craftsmanship. We stand behind the quality of our products, so you can buy direct from us with confidence.

CPAP & Sleep Apnea Patients

Consult with your doctor before discontinuing the use of your CPAP device.

The NightCare No-Snore Pillow is primarily aimed at snoring.

Warning: This pillow should not be used to treat mild obstructive sleep apnea without first consulting a physician or other licensed healthcare profession. The user of this pillow should consult his or her physician or healthcare provider if sleeping is accompanied by any of the following symptoms:

  • Frequent excessive daytime sleepiness
  • Periods of not breathing during sleep as observed by a bed partner
  • Awaking short of breath, choking or gagging

Disclaimer: The FDA requires us to tell you this. And, we think you should know what we promise, what we don’t, as well as what we can’t promise.


Do not use this product if pain or discomfort results.
Not for use by infants or children.


We really do want to know what you think. How you sleep, or don’t sleep. And if someone you love thinks the NightCare No-Snore Pillow is the best thing since, well, you know, sliced bread—we want to know too. You can tell us on facebook, twitter, byemail, or any other legal means of communication. But remember, the NSA may be reading your emails.