About NightCare

NightCare’s sleep science and technology created based on the first anti-snoring pillow to be patented and receive FDA 510(A) clearance.  We are a consumer technology company developing and marketing products that are based on sleep research and clinical trials.  We have continued to improve on the original design by incorporating new features for increased adjustability increasing the comfort and fit and providing improved postural alignment during sleep. NightCare SmartFoam™, a memory foam made with natural green tea, charcoal and seed oil for natural odor resistance was developed to be more comfortable  and longer lasting.

NightCare SmartSleep™ is the combination of the snore reduction benefits of our pillow and our low-pressure and postural alignment features with sleep monitoring Apps from leading companies who provide activity tracking and sleep monitoring. We recommend that you use  your own choice of a mobile health App to track, analyze, share and then recommend the NightCare No-Snore Pillow based on your own sleep enhancement and behavioral modifications and improved general health.

The NightCare No-Snore Pillow

• Right and left ear nests eliminate pressure to the soft tissue of the ear.

• Molded foam design supports and cradles your head and neck to open your airways for a restful sleep without snoring.

• NightCare SmartFoam conforms to the natural contour of your shoulders, neck and head and reduces pressure on your airways.

• Sloped panels on each side keep your head, neck and shoulders aligned for proper posture while sleeping and reduces snoring.

• Height adjustment allows a custom fit. Three custom sizes accommodate small, medium and large persons comfortably.

• Pillow cover is removable and washable.